Source Approval

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) PROCESS

1. Collaboration Need

Identification of a specific technology or capability is the first step in walking down the path of collaboration. There may be an economic or national security issue that needs to be addressed through improvement or development of a technology or capability. As a potential CRADA Partner, you recognize the issue and believe that your organization is in proper position to leverage DEVCOM AvMC’s research and development to create a competitive edge in your industry and/or provide cutting edge capabilities to help ensure our nation’s security.



As a potential CRADA Partner, you may have already had contact with a member of DEVCOM AvMC’s technical staff through a conference or other business development opportunity. Alternatively, you may not have had contact but have identified a capability or technology that you would like to develop to improve with the help of DEVCOM AvMC’s expertise. Under either scenario, please email us at The Office of Research and Technology Applications will work with you to identify the proper DEVCOM AvMC technical POC (TPOC) to review collaboration possibilities.


3. Develop Statement of Work

The DEVCOM AvMC TPOC will work with the CRADA Partner to develop a Statement of Work (SOW) based on a mutually agreed upon project plan. Other appendices to the agreement flow from the completion of the SOW. Typically, DEVCOM AvMC completes the actual documents in close coordination with the CRADA Partner using a pre-approved template provided by the ORTA. This process can take weeks or months depending on the complexity of the project.


4. Legal Review

Once the CRADA document is agreed upon by both DEVCOM AvMC and CRADA Partner, the CRADA will be sent to DEVCOM AvMC’s legal representation. The legal team will review the entire document for legal sufficiency.


5. Sign CRADA

Upon favorable legal review, the CRADA can be routed for signature; first to the CRADA Partner and finally to the DEVCOM AvMC Director to make execution effective.


6. Payments

If there are funds to be transferred from the CRADA Partner to DEVCOM AvMC, the money is sent as specified in the CRADA document. Funding can be transferred only after execution of the CRADA becomes effective.


7. Work Can Begin

Once execution is effective and any necessary payment has been received, work can officially begin. The CRADA can be amended upon mutual agreement at any time to add/delete/modify tasks or funding. The duration of the CRADA can be extended by a time-only extension that requires minimal processing, again upon mutual agreement. 


Please contact for more details.