Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering, and Integration Directorate

The Army’s authority over new software that goes directly into Warfighters’ hands.


Cost-efficient, time-saving modeling and simulation testing that ensures the technology does what it’s supposed to do, when it’s supposed to do it – each and every time.

Our Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering and Integration Directorate develops and delivers responsive aviation and missile total life cycle systems engineering, prototyping, cyber, software, protective technologies, and systems simulation engineering to enable readiness and ensure transformation of the U.S. Army to optimize joint Warfighter capabilities at the point of need.

S3I is also the home of AvMC’s Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) - the premier provider of rapid response and integrated hardware solutions. Established to design, fabricate and integrate hardware, the PIF strives to meet the most compelling and urgent needs of the federal government and its allies.

Comprised of a highly skilled, credible, and diverse workforce, S3I is responsive to customer requirements: cost, schedule, and performance.

"If you go home tonight, and you think, ‘Did I do my very best for that Soldier who’s on the frontline?’ and you can say ‘I did my absolute best for them today,’ then you’ve done a good job and I thank you for the dedication, perseverance and innovation that you brought to the job today."

Dr. James Kirsch


Image collage featuring satellite laptops with S3I software running, Soldiers playing a touchscreen app from Army Game Studio, and the control panel of the Black Hawk Aircrew Trainer (BAT)



High-fidelity. Cost-effective. Portable. 
The Black Hawk Aircrew Trainer – better known as the BAT – is the Army’s highly immersive home-station UH-60M flight training device. From adverse weather to enemy fire, the BAT allows aviators to train under conditions that could not be replicated with live aircraft exercises. As the Army transitions to creating more technologies and capabilities in-house as it builds the Army of 2030, the BAT and its team is a success story 10 years in the making.


Dr. Stephanie Reitmeier


Dr. Stephanie Reitmeier



  • Hardware & Software Development, Integration & Sustainment
  • Prototypes
  • Advanced Composites manufacturing and repair
  • Polymer and metal additive manufacturing
  • Modeling and Simulation (Digital; Live, Virtual & Constructive; Operational; Hardware in the Loop)
  • Aerodynamics Analysis
  • Lethality/Vulnerability/Survivability Analysis
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • System Engineering
  • Model Based System Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Hardware and Software Assurance
  • Software Validation/Verification & Independent Software Validation/Verification
  • Software Material Release
  • Anti-Tamper Assessment
  • Weapons System Security
  • Technical leadership in PEOs/PMs