Technology Development Directorate

We are the pioneers. We create the aviation and missile solutions our Warfighters need.


Our Technology Development Directorate is home to researchers, scientists and engineers who are working to enable a more lethal Army of 2030 and beyond. We execute critical technology discovery and development programs, to include Future Vertical Lift, Air and Missile Defense, and Long-Range Precision Fires. 

Most capabilities fielded to aviation and missile forces over the last 70 years have been developed or heavily influenced by TDD and its predecessors. Even with its pedigree in Army history and its pivotal place in future technology, TDD is also an active player in the readiness of present-day forces in concert with the other AvMC directorates.

"TDD is leading across aerospace technologies including basic research and experimentation, modeling and simulation, and systems integration.

The top-notch TDD team of military, civilian and contract support personnel consistently deliver results that improve our Soldiers’ capabilities."

Ms. Christi Dolbeer, TDD Director


Image collage featuring helicopter pilots, Air Launched Efects (ALE) and the Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher (AML)




The Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher (AML) is an Army Futures Command Long Range Precision Fires Cross Function Team, US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center, and Ground Vehicle Systems Center, Science and Technology initiative to develop and demonstrate an autonomous, unmanned, highly mobile, C-130 transportable launcher.

The prototype launcher will be capable of leader-follower autonomy, autonomous way point navigation, drive-by-wire, and remote launcher turret and fire control operation. It will be capable of launching longer munitions while remaining compatible with the current munitions. This video is a SIMULATION of how this technology could be used by the future force, this is not a real event.


Ms. Christi Dolbeer


Ms. Christi Dolbeer



  • Engineering and subject matter expertise in all aspects of aircraft and weapon system design, development and improvement
  • Lead Army agent in the execution of the Future Vertical Lift and Air & Missile Defense, Science & Technology Enterprise
  • Major Army contributor in the execution of the Long-Range Precision Fires and Next Generation Combat Vehicle, Science & Technology Enterprise
  • Technology Areas:
    • Design & Assessment
    • Intelligent Teaming
    • Avionics & Architectures
    • Air Launched Effects
    • Power Generation & Management
    • Drives, Structures & Rotors
    • Human Systems Interface
    • Survivability & Vulnerability
    • Vehicle Management & Control
    • Experimental/Computational Aeromechanics
    • Acoustics
    • Flight Test
    • Prototyping
    • Missile Seekers, Guidance, Navigation & Control
    • Missile Materials & Structures
    • Missile Propulsion, Warhead Integration & Fuzing
    • Air Defense Sensors (Seekers & Radar) & Fire Control